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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Day Lessons

Things you can learn in one day with your toddler:

I may have woke three times last night and crawled out of my crib to the door, but now that it is time to actually be awake, I'm good. I'll stay right here. And be all cute so you can't wake me up, thus making you ten minutes late for work.

Chicken is good. Cheddar broccoli rice? Not so much, Ma. But thanks for trying!

Also, Wheel of Fortune is an incredibly exciting, edge of your seat show that warrants exclamations of, "Ttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!" when a contestant chooses said latter and gets it right.

Your body? No longer yours. It is now my personal gym and I will step and squish you in parts you did not know existed.

All in one day, folks. I'm telling you, having a toddler is some seriously insightful business!

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