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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tattoo Theif

I am a tattooed Mama. I love my tattoos. I love expressing myself via the artwork on my body. I think it is beautiful and I love being reminded of a place or person or a special memory when I look at a particular tattoo.  Dani from Sometimes Sweet recently blogged about being a heavily tattooed Mama and I highly suggest you all take a gander at her article. I could not have said it any better myself.

That said, I thought it would be fun to share my tattoos & their meanings with all of you.

My first tattoo, was a mistake. It is the only tattoo I have that I regret. I did not think through what I wanted; I just wanted something. That something happened to be a super tramptacular tramp stamp. I'm talking award winning, people. Fucking hide your kids tramptacular. I won't even bother with a picture for this one. Just know it involves my name.....and angel wings........and that it will be covered up eventually with a much more thought out tattoo.

My second tattoo is on the top of my left foot. It has made many appearances on this blog. It is of three hibiscus flowers. I have an obsession with the number three. Hibiscus and ranunculus are my favorite flowers. Yes. It hurt.

My Mom, Seester and I all have a matching tattoo of an anchor with the LVMPD badge on it. The anchor is for my Seester, who was in the Navy at the time. The badge for my Mom, who is a Detective....though now it also symbolizes Seester because she is a cop too. Don't get me started people. Mom & Step-Dad were cops and Dad a corrections officer. I never got away with anything.

I have a skull and cross bones with a bow on her head. That is located on the back of my neck. I got her after a bad break up. She always has my back.

I got an ampersand tattooed behind my right ear. This is my dweeb tattoo and I love it. My ampersand symbolizes my love and passion for literature, reading, writing, the English language. I'm obsessesed.

Liam's feet, actual size, are tattooed on my left wrist. My son is always with me. I got this tattoo two days after he passed. This tattoo was something I needed and I needed right at that very moment. It was so completely therapeutic and healing to get. This tattoo was essential to my healing process.

I recently started my tattoo project on my left arm. I have big plans for this arm. Eventually, my arm will be completely covered from shoulder to wrist. I may or may not have jacked Mandey, from Mama & the Dudes, idea about using birth month flowers. She forgives me though. Because it's a crazy awesome idea.

I have three types of flowers on this piece...so far. There will be more for people that mean something to me in my life. I plan to add flowers for each of my grandmothers, my father, my mother and more. It seemed fitting to start this tattoo with my two sons and I. The chrysanthemum, the largest of them all, is Collin's birth month flower. The poppies are Liam's birth moth flower. Lastly, the asters are my birth month flower. I love how this piece is progressing and cannot wait to add more over the years.

That's my tattoos. I'm a tattooed Mama and proud of my pieces of permanent art.


  1. I love it. I only regret one tattoo that I have and ironically it is the one everyone seems to love. Everyone except me. I plan to eventually get it covered. And I can't wait to eventually become a tattooed mama myself. Hopefully we will be blessed soon. Love the post Holly.

  2. Hehe. I have a gnarly tramp stamp too. I got it in the Navy- to make it worse, its when chinese characters were popular. So I hope it means serendipity. Hahaha. I also have two stars on the back of my neck! :)