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Monday, May 30, 2011

iPhone Photos: Weeks 20 & 21...& an Explanantion

Sheezy!!! I have been a busy lady lately. I haven't been able to blog for a couple weeks now. Our little life has had some big changes lately and we are preparing for some huge adjustments.

I've been super busy with my photography and had two weddings. They were my first ever weddings and it was such an incredible honor to be trusted with the precious task of capturing their special days. I am planning to post a few of my favorites soon....I only have like 4000 between the two of them to edit. Only.

I also landed myself a job! Like a for real, grown up, Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM job! I haven't worked in administration since we had Collin and I am super freaking stoked to go back to work. It's crazy bittersweet, though. Collin has been in daycare before and it is something I was uneasy about for awhile. He was also a baby baby boo. Only six months old when I worked at the hotel. He is much older now and I feel eons more comfortable about the idea of him in a daycare. And really, I don't have much of a choice. This needs to happen.

On top of wedding shoots, job interviews, Collin, meals, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, running out of diapers and having to go back to the grocery store because I forgot them, and you know...everything else I have to take care of, I've had school. No one said this would be easy, right? Good thing I'm awesome and can handle it. Plus, we started learning teams at school & I have met some amazing classmates. Amazing! It's incredible what talking to a person going through the same struggles as you does to relieve your stress & remind you to laugh again. Thanks, J! <---- Your first Holly Days shout out!

I feel like Collin is really, "growing up," lately. Like, he learns a new word every day and has a hilarious little personality...which.....DUH....he is my kid. I'm pretty effing hilarious. So, it's only natural that I raise a regular comedian. But seriously, little homie is wearing size 3T & 4T clothes, asking, "Whassat?!" to every single thing he sees, eating epic amounts of SpongeBob mac & cheese, destroying decorating my tile with chalk art & being entirely too cute for this Mama to even fathom.

Also, fear not dearest readers! I may be going back to work to get my career on, but Holly Days is going nowhere. I still plan to blog frequently, this was just out little adjustment period...& I'm sure the next few weeks or so will be, too. So be patient.

Naturally, no post of mine is complete without le photos. So....feast your eyes, folks.

01: Brushing his teef. Being all hygienic.  02: I still write handwritten birthday cards. So what!

01: Business cards, biznatch!  02: Collin loves his iced tea. 'Atta boy!  03: Grey skies. My favorite.  04: I have a love affair with my egg timer.  05: Shorts I made from old jeans. Craft-tacular! 06: We rule.  07: My man & me. Gangstas for life, homie.  08: Seriously. This kid is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

01: Collin moving in on my outfit shot. Psh! What a diva.  02: Totally Mom-ed it up with this outfit, but we didn't go anywhere...so shut it!

01: Collin being, "nnnnaaaaaaa." Which is nice. To Bailey.  02: Collin being not, "nnnnaaaaa," to Bailey.  03: Over the river & through the woods...to shoot a wedding for my niece.  04: My sunglasses are obnoxiously huge. And that's exactly how I like them  05: Leopard nails.  06: Playing Kings Cup with the bride & her besties the night before she got hitched.

01: The view from the bride's hotel room.  02: Le wedding photographer.  03: Guests getting their dancey dance on.

01: Sleepy Collin.  02: My feet make their way into a lot of photos.  03: Tommy's on the way home.

01: Johnny cash shirt. I love that shirt.  02: Ampersand tattoo. I love that tattoo.  03: Corona. I love that beer.  03: Collin & I shooting the sheezy. We talk about profound things...like what color Brobie was thinking of today.  04: Oh, hai. Sprinkler leak. I don't know how to fix you. Can you go back to working properly again?  05: Collin is obsessed with his sidewalk chalk.  06: Biker shorts are back in. Didn't you know?

01: Interpreting a dream.  02: I am such a smart looking gal.  03: Learning Team C meeting! Word, homies.  04: I am stoked about school work. Stoked.

01: Pretty makeup.  02: Wishing myself luck.  03: Interview outfit.  04: I'm all business-like.  05: Post interview Corona.  06: What I wish I could have worn to the interview.

01: VegasLand...I hate you, but you have your moments.  02: We are wild & crazy guys!

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