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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I'm sure you've all seen the uber popular yarn wreaths circling the blogging world. I instantly wanted to make my own when I first saw this tutorial from MrsPriss. I really don't want to create my own tutorial. Use hers. It is so much better than my tutorial could ever be. The only difference between her wreath & mine is that she used foam & I used one of those straw wreaths that are sold wrapped in clear plastic. I left the plastic on mine so I could wrap the yarn easier.

The possibilities for yarn wreaths are endless. I used a chipboard letter from Hobby Lobby & covered it with some scrapbook paper. I distressed the edges with some ink. I also found some premade fabric rosettes & used my hot glue gun to adhere everything to the wreath. This all took me a collective two hours. I've seen so many variations of this wreath. Here are some other ideas for yours:

If you decide to make your own yarn wreath, let me know! I want to seeee!!!

Happy wrapping!

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  1. holy cow i love that wreath so much! nice job yo!

  2. How awesome! It looks great! I voted for your blog. :)

  3. Wow I love these. Thank you for sharing. Im starting my own mini 'business' making salt dough and glass painting so will look into doing this too. These are gorgeous. xox

  4. Love it! It's perfect! I have fun making yarn wreaths. The hardest part is making all the rosettes but it's so much fun because I get to use my hot glue gun <--- LOVE :)

  5. P.s I thought I was already following your blog but guess not. Well I just made it official like a referee whistle :) Consider yourself one reader richer!

  6. &&& I was your 100th reader! HOORAY ♡ :]

  7. I love the colors that you used; I need to find me some of those pre-made fabric rosettes!

  8. oh my that argyle one is die for.

  9. I *love* this wreath!! LOVE IT!!

  10. I heart your wreath and the colors that you used. I'm going to try and make one this weekend!