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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Day

I know it's not technically Spring, yet...but it sure felt like it today!.

The skies were crystal clear. Deep blue. The air was still crisp, but on the brink of warm.

I opened all of our windows to let the cool air & light breeze waft through our house.

And when Collin when down for this afternoon nap, I grabbed my camera (& the baby monitor) & headed for the front door to sneak in a few pictures of the clear skies & dreamy trees in my front yard.

When Collin woke up, we went for our first walk of the Spring. I purposefully forgot my camera. I wanted to soak in every moment; breathe in every scent; see every smile of the first perfect Spring afternoon.

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  1. sooooooooo jealous!!!!! as I sit in my 19 degree climate!