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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy of Love: Day Two

Today's prompt was: how they look.
Today's camera tip: position.

I feel like I am always pretty aware of my position when I take a photo....unless it comes to lighting. Since I struggled with that, I put our TV on (which is directly adjacent to a big window) to distract Collin while I tried different positions & experimented. Once again, I am my worst critic & I'm not happy with my results, but I am getting the hang of the lighting situation....on auto. Gah!!!!!! I am focusing manually, but I cannot get a good picture in my house without it being dark & grainy. I've tried everything! This class is forcing me to try & try again, though...which is a good thing.

Sorry about the Collin overload...but this is my blog & IDOWHATIWANT!

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  1. These are so precious!

  2. I love these. The 3rd photo and the one with Collin sitting on his ride-on dragon thingy are my favorites! Also, I'm loving your header. So stinkin' cute!

  3. oh i think they look great! i mean, it does help to have an adorable little model dude! :) corbin has that rocker too (different pattern but still the same). its so cute to watch him crawl up in it! haha and you are doing much better with your photography than i am! ive had my camera a year and have only ever used auto! agh!

  4. crap, ive been meaning to tell you too how much i LOOOOVE your header.

  5. I think you did great! But get off auto! lol. I so wish we lived closer! I know how to adjust the camera and would LOVE to help you out.

    My problem is lighting too.

    I struggled on manuel (camera, not lens) too, but it's so worth the struggle! I found out I was forgetting to adjust ISO, after that I took better photos. Sooo much to remember! gah!

    TV works. Snacks too. ;) I've been known to dump Connor in the grass with a mini box of rasins. lol.

  6. @Sarah - Thank you!!

    @Kristi - Thank you! I love that you picked faves! I'm not the hugest fan of my header, but it's festive, so it stays...for now. LOL!

    @Jill - sent you an email

    @Debbie - Thanks! I KNOW!!! I need to get off of it! I can never get my ISO or white balance right! Ugh!! Lighting is my arch nemisis.