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Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: Seester Trip 2008

My sister...or, as I like to call her, Seester...& I like to take trips together. We try to take one together alone. Just us. Once a year. I have been incredibly blessed to have a sister I am close to...I'm talking redonk close. Sometimes, we even text each other our bowel movements. Okay, maybe not that close. But she is my best friend (aside from Maria) & I love her so much. I believe we have soul mates in many different people. Seester is definitely one of my soul mates.

We took a week long cruise to Mexico together in 2008. We needed this week together. Alone. Seester had just returned home from serving in the Navy & a lot had happened during the years she was gone. I broke up with the only boyfriend she had ever known me to have...my high school sweetheart. I met Greg shortly after. I moved in with Greg. I married Greg.

We needed a soul mate reconnect. A Seester Trip!

I loved every single moment of our trip....

....our arrival & sheer excitement as we invaded our stateroom
with a balcony!

...watching the sun set on the endless ocean as we talked about
the adventures we would have.

...choosing & then rechoosing our nightly outfits & hair styles.

...drinking ourselves into a stupor of laughter that kept our neighbors awake until wee hours of
the morning. (..and my obnoxious pink tip manicure...hoootttttt!)

...endless cheersing for no reason other than to take pictures.

...crazy stupid drinks with obnoxious names like Miami Vice.

...sneaking into an empty bathroom for a necessary photo shoot.

...parasailing in a dress because that sounded like a fantastic idea.

...helping Seester get over her first real heartbreak by raiding the
mini fridge & taking hot pictures in her hot dress.

...celebrating the end of our trip by opening a bottle of champagne. All by ourselves. Which neither of us had ever done before. And having a plethora of ridic videos like this to laugh at over & over again.

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  1. loooove living vicariously through your photo memories. lol.

    Totally afraid of Cortney, so I voted. ;)

  2. Aw so fun! I was giggling during that video! The suspense!! Chikezie's dad popped champange at midnight on new years eve and we were busy kind of cheering/half asleep and he just popped it out of nowhere and made us all jump lol! The cork hit the ceiling and flew somewhere and we couldn't stop laughing!

  3. aww I love sisters! I always try and hang out with mine cause we have so much fun! That view looks amazing!

    The Smith Circle

  4. Oh Holly how I love you, who ever would record such a thing except for you well & Courtney Obviously. I love how close you guys are I wish my sister's and I were close like that but being my oldest is 12 years older and youngest 12 years younger and one closet to me is totally my opposite I guess just wasn't in the cards! LOL

  5. wow, looks like such a great time! yay for sisters :)