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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I took Collin out for a backyard adventure. Well, as much adventure that can be had in our small yard. It also needs a ton of work. Our lawn furniture cushions need replacing, concrete needs staining, grass needs watering, trees need trimming, tools need putting away. It's such an unorganized mess, but it's there. Begging for a kid to play in it. So we did.

At Maria's wedding, I found myself crying during a moment that previously never held much meaning for me. The mother/son dance. You should have seen the waterworks, people. I kept thinking about the day Collin would marry the woman he loves. I hope it's madly & deeply. I hope she is someone he can never live without. Because when I dance that dance, I'll be remembering all of our dances in the backyard, splashing the rain puddles as we laugh loudly & with purpose.

My kid totally looks like a random city bum hanging out in a junkyard, but whatevs.

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  1. What a cute boy he is! That is so precious thinking of your children marrying the one!! Its beautiful thought!

  2. jealous over here again! But glad you had fun! Who cares if it's a mess... enjoy anyway!

    I vote for you every day I can remember because I wuuuuv youuu, couswin!! lol.

  3. i do not want to think about the day either of my sons love another woman more than me. it makes me weepy just typing it! and our yard is a chaotic mess all the time...boys love messy yards!

  4. you are such a big brat for making me cry!! i went to a wedding last summer and bawled during that dance too thinking the same thing. oh man, the madly and deeply and cant live without lines. zing right to my heart!!