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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swatch Shopping

I've decided to repaint my house. It's going to be a long process as we can't afford to do it all at once, but I didn't think there was any harm in going to look at paint samples. Collin enjoyed it, too. He thought the sample paper was delicious.

We moved into this house when I was 104 months pregnant & at the end of summer. Why we chose brown is beyond my comprehension. I'm thinking maybe I was needing a cold, dark cave to crawl into because of the heat. Or maybe I was just temporarily insane. The dark color it is now is a photographer's worst lighting nightmare. All the dark brown absorbs nearly all of the natural light we get during the day.

{  Case in point. Holy bat cave, I know.  }

I was a crazy nester during my last month of pregnancy & just wanted my house to be painted & done. As a result, I sacrificed my personal style & just threw a lot of things up on my walls that I didn't really like.

Now that we have been here. Lived here. Become a family here. I want to take my time making this a home that I can enjoy & be a Mama in. It will take a lot of time (I'm talking a gallon of paint a month, maybe), but it will happen & I will eventually be able to have a creative & comfortable space to call home....if I can convince my husband to let me have artistic freedom.

Last week, I went to look at some samples in green. At first, I was imagining a light green for the main color of our walls. After some serious thought & many minutes spent revisiting my, "sample wall," I've realized that with what little natural light we do get in our house, I'd have to choose a yellow. I'm terrified of choosing a color that will make the walls look Crayola yellow, so I'm treading very carefully with colors.

At least I have a fantastic assistant.


  1. A creamy butter yellow would be gorgeous (which says a lot, as I'm realy not a yellow fan). Also, I totally get the bat cave thing. Our walls are black. And the ceiling is red. Nice right?

  2. That brown is actually really nice, but it's better used as an accent wall colour, It looks close to the Cocoa bean my mom has on one wall in her room. I love earth tones though, but you right it being on all walls makes it look very dark and would absorbe all the light especially in photo taking situations.

    I am not by any means an interior designer but depending on what you went on other walls you could still possibly leave one wall if you like the colour. But if your going yellow's you proboly need to definatly go all one colour or find a contrasting accent colour for one wall. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  3. My entire main floor and 2nd floor hallway are yellow. It's a nice neutral color. I like Al's cousin's better, it's a very light sunny color. My is more "buttery". Definitely be careful with it though!

    I have so many plans for my house too. Plans, yet no money. Frustrating! Some day we'll have them they way we want!

  4. @pacingsnity - LOL! What are we thinking when we make these color choices? Haahaa!

    @angelgirl - I like neautrals, too....a lot. But this was just the wrong neautral for our house. It's become waaayyy too dark.

    @Debbie - I like the buttery colors & hope I cna pick out the right yellow. I like your walls! I just have to have some patience & remind myself that I can redo the house. It will be slow, but it will get done eventually.