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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Sparkly

The Paper Mama

{ I recently learned how to make eyes, "pop," with Photoshop. I just love how sparkly his eyes look here. }


  1. =] I looove making eyes pop in ps. I find I should only do it with my own kids though, otherwise I tend to go overboard. lol.

  2. How cute and his eyes really do pop.

  3. OOOOOK, you need to teach me!

  4. @Debbie - I'm afraid I'll give Collin zombie eyes. If they are overdone, you have to PROMISE to tell me.It's hard to jusge when you've been editing!!

    @Ashley - Thank you!! You're always so encouraging!

    @Ashley - OMG, it's my FAVE!!!

    @ Lisa - Thank you!!

  5. Yes! They totally pop! Love it! :)