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Saturday, January 15, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Two

01: Collin's first waffle!  02: Waffle lovin'!  03: Christmas packages I'm way behind on!  04: Elmo hugs in the corner.  05: Collin at the Lego table waiting for his haircut.  06: The new faux hawk!!  07: Woody BandAids rule.  08: Collin loves saltine crackers.


  1. that bandaid rules. just sayin. So does Bullseye up there.

    I am so making waffles tomorrow.

  2. Eggos and packages... I was wondering what those USPS boxes were for! Christmas :)
    Ahhh... I don't have to feel alone anymore! ♡

  3. @Debbie - Uhhh, pretty MUCH. That's why everyone thinks I'm such a cool Mom. Woody BandAids, FTW!

    @Jenn - Hhhaaahaaa! They aer STILL sitting on my buffet table!! I could stab myself!

  4. I dunno, Holly.... I just bought Optimus Prime and Bumblebee bandaids. I upped the ante.