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Sunday, January 30, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Four

Holy wow. I had a crazy week. Can you tell? The in-laws came for a visit from LA. Bachelorette dinner, wedding rehearsal, then the actual wedding. You should see my house. No really. I'd show you, but I fear you'd turn in disgust. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

01: Collin learned, "bye." Now, I can never leave the house or my heart will break form the cute.  02: Just chillin' in mah ball pit.  03: Watching some TV with Dad.  04: Mama lovin's.  05: Post dinner cuddling.  06: Yo Gabz afternoon. I swear he doesn't watch as much TV as my photos make it out to be. It's just one of the only times we are both still.  07: Laundry basket sail boat. Ahoy!  08: Coolest kid ever.  09: Just like Mama.  10: Curled hairzzzz.  11: Collin with Abuelo.  12: Drinking from Dad's cup...cause it's more fun that way.  13: Collin, "kisses," with his forehead. I think he loves Abuelo.  14: Ribzzzz.  15: Checking out the lights on Fremont Street.  16: Last episode of Dexter!!! Noooo!!!  17: Greg found one of his old phones & charged it so Collin could play with it.  18: Silver nails.  19: I live here. No, not in a casino. In Las Vegas.  20: Waiting in the sports book because I showed up an hour early to the Bachelorette dinner.  21: Hot shewz!!  22: Ball pit = toy box.  23: Maria's Australian souvenirs.  24: Rehearsal dinner outfit.  25: Rehearsal dinner menu. Food was yumballs.  26: Bellita sleeping in the MOH's arms.  27: Limo after the wedding. We were totes ballin'. I am so white.  28: The gorgeous lighting for Maria's wedding.  29: Maria & Gabe cutting the cake! Congrats, again!!


  1. Wow! That was a crazy week. I really like your curls.

  2. loooove #10! and 26 is so sweet!

  3. @Geezees - Thank you!!

    @Shannon - Thank you! I like them too! I used to do tehm everyday, but now that I'm a Mom, it's arare occasion my hair is curled!

    @Debbie - Thank you!