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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sick Day, Take Two

My hopes of Collin getting better over the course of the night were quickly dashed away when we woke up to a crib o' puke. Thankfully, I have a fantastical husband who cleaned it all up & allowed me to get in an extra half hour of sleep. I know, he rocks! That earned him at least one uninterrupted football game.

We all stayed in our jammies for the day. Partly from laziness & party because we knew we weren't going anywhere...so, why bother?

It was raining all afternoon, so poor Ethan was cooped up in the house with a sick baby & a house full of adults telling him to once again, "shoosh."

Good thing the elves came last night.

Ethan opening his gift from the elves. The lighting was horrible & he was way to excited to wait for me to switch to my low light lens. Boo!

I think he digs these visits.

Slinkie!! Woot, woot!

Collin needed loads of coaxing to even look at his gift.

Finally! I was dying to see what they brought him!

A fun book about snow! Yay!

Sniffly boy. I still couldn't resisit tying the bow around his head.

I know. I know. Worst Mom ever.

Collin's fever got up to 101.2 today.

He is still not a happy camper.

I am still worried about African Lizard Flu...

...but I do have to admit, Greg & I are soaking in these extra cuddles.

Even if they are tear stained & snot soaked.

My current view. Poor little dude.

Mama, leave me alooonnneeeee.

Lovin' on his Daddy. Cuddles.


  1. Poor Monkey. :(

    I know what you mean about the booger stained cuddles. Madeline is NOT a cuddler, but she has been more so since she's been sick and it both melts and breaks my heart.

    I hope they both feel better soon!!

  2. Isnt it the absolute worst when they are sick? Ugh! poor little guy with his runny nose! Still too cute for words though!

  3. @Nicole - Collin is also, a non-cuddler. His future girlfriends are going to hate this about him, I'm sure. I hope our babies get better quickly! Sometimes, I think it's harder on us Mamas!

    @Cassie - I HATE it!! Hate, hate, HATE!! Especially when they are this little & they don't understand why they are feeling so sick! Thanks for teh compliments!

  4. poor little guy!! Hope he feels better soon!! Little Emma is sick too, but being a girl (meaning she doesn't complain as much - haaa!) I didn't know just how sicky she was! A week and half later and she's starting to complain, though.

    I wipe her nose and she acts like I ripped her arm off. I put her down and she cries as if I'm selling her to the zoo.

  5. @Debbie - His fever broke last night...I think. Though I just took his temperature now, before his nap & it was 99.2. Groooaaaannn. Doctor said to bring him in if it gets over 100.4.

    Collin does teh SAME thing with nose wiping!!! You'd think I murdered his puppy or something!

  6. Aww poor Collin! He looks so miserable :(

  7. @ Kristina - Isn't he just pathetic? It's the worst!