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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Seven

A photo frame of Liam with a poem, Liam's ashes & Willow Tree figurines we got shortly after his death.

Day Seven
Post a photo of your most treasured item. Why is this item special to you? How did you come
to own this item?

This challenge has been by far the easiest. I instantaneously knew what my most treasured
possession was. Liam's ashes. We buried half in Michigan with my brother & we had the other
half placed in a stone angel so that he would always be with Mama & Daddy. If there were
ever a fire, this would be the item I would seek out (along with my backup external hard drive
with all of our photos on it, but that should go without saying). I would burn alive before I ever
lost him again. See, told you. Easy. Liam's ashes.


  1. This is so moving Holly. *hug* I have some of my father's ashes in a little special necklage that my stepmom had made for me and for her. It's not the same as a son - the thought hurts so much to even contemplate. But the value of having it - well I can totally understand and would do the same.

    What are those two figurines called? I have been looking for a dad and a mom holding a baby from that collection but have never seen them. My sister gave me one of a father and a little daughter when my dad passed away. She got my mom one of the mom and daughter dancing when my sister passed away. And she gave mom the one of grandmother holding a little toddler for when I guess Eli was born to symbolize all the grandchildren I'm sure.

    My sister made that collection very special in our family.

  2. *HUGS. This post as left me speechless. God bless you, and your family! I wanna do this challenge. But maaaan I tell you it really IS a challenge for me too! lol. I can't ever FINISH anything. I've tried; alphabet games, 365, 30 days of me, etc.