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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten Months

I know it's totally cheesy to post monthly updates of your baby's life on your super hilarious & brilliant blog, (yeah, I just went there) but I'm convinced I can do this & still be completely cool. Besides, Collin is the inspiration for this blog in the first place, right?

Collin is ten months old. I've been feeling a little sad about this milestone. I have always sort of felt that ten months is no longer considered a baby...even though Collin is a giant kid & grew out of his, "bitty," baby phase a long time ago. Still, I feel like he's becoming a toddler entirely too quickly for my emotional liking.

We spent Collin's ninth month of life almost entirely in Michigan. Although we were sad to leave Greg behind, I was thrilled that we were able to experience things together that I remember so fondly as a child. Trips to chilly Lake Huron, warm bonfires with the family, gooey s'mores with Gramma & being plain lazy on a hot, humid day.

There were so many, "firsts," for Collin this month, I'm not sure I remember them all. Many of them have to do with Michigan. First plane ride, first visit to Lake Huron, first thunderstorm, first time peeing on Grandpa Sanford's bed & many other equally as humorous things.

The major milestones this month, however were pretty stinking major. Collin can officially stand by himself & can even pull himself to a standing position from the middle of the floor! He needs no assistance! I know to many of you, this is extremely boring, but to a Mommy, this is OMGSOEXCITING & a major event that deserves fireworks & a parade.

If that last milestone deserve it's own parade, I think this one deserves it's own national holiday. Collin took his first steps this month! Yes, & his very first one was in Michigan! This fact makes my heart swell to sizes immeasurably large. He waited until we got home to Las Vegas for any additional walking & promptly took three steps to Mama! Break out the noisemakers, people! Collin is nearly a full blown walking machine!

I don't think this little man knows just how much joy, frustration, happiness, fear & love he has brought into my life these past ten months. I wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. Well, I'm excited that he took his first steps in the mitten. I love MI! :) And you're right...a parade is in order...What a big boy!!! :)

  2. Your first paragraph made this entirely cool. And of course the fact he's gorgeous and is cool anyway.

    Anyway, I too feel a major shift with the 10 month mark. I don't know why but 10 months DOES make it feel like he isn't a "baby-baby" anymore. They are pretty much almost toddlers. Maybe because our boys are already trying to walk ...that's probably why it feels that way. Many people say they are babies until they are at least 2!

  3. @Candice - There is no better place for a first step! ;)

    @Momma Zen - Glad I'm not the only Mom who feels this way! I agree. I think it's a bit harder on you & I & our emotions because of our boys. They are growing way too fast!