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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cupcake Day

Greg's daughter, Meaghan, has been staying with us. Like myself, Meaghan is a lover of all things yum. In fact, yesterday she made Rice Krispy treats. Any house guest who makes Rice Krispy treats for me to enjoy wins some serious brownie points. Pun intended.

Meaghan is famous in Greg's family for her cupcakes. She always brings a batch to our frequent family gatherings in LA & they always manage to evaporate before dinner is even on the grill.

One relative recently told her she should try to sell her cupcakes to local bakeries. I scoffed at the idea, "Why do that when you can go all out & open your own cupcake store?!?!!?" We laughed & daydreamed about the thought of it all, but imagine my shock & disbelief when Meaghan, the Cupcake Queen, told me she had never been to one. Ever.

Naturally, I had to change that. I decided today would be cupcake day & that I would show her a couple of my favorite cupcake bakeries here in town. It was purely a coincidence that I happened to really be in the mood for a cupcake or two....or maybe even three.

I took her to Retro Bakery. This is probably my most favorite bakery in town. I have extravagant plans for Collin's first birthday cake & it will most definitely come from this bakery. I wanted her to see how creative this place gets with their flavors & combinations. Maple bacon, salted caramel crunch, milk & cookies, apple cider, glazed donut, cinnamon toast, chocolate covered banana & many, many more!

So, this morning when I woke up with visions of chocolate covered goodness, I couldn't wait to load up Meaghan & Collin in the car & head over to Retro.

I wanted to buy every flavor they had available, but knew I couldn't justify fifteen cupcakes for three people. Six though, six I could get away with.

Our delicious treasures are now on my kitchen counter calling at me as I sit here at my desk. However, I wanted to share the pictures so that all of you can enjoy along with me & drool as you imagine me slowly devouring inhaling my first flavor choice, milk & cookies.

Aren't they the most perfectly drool-worthy things you've ever seen? I'm endlessly impressed by these cupcakes & flavors. However, all good things must come to an end. Poor little cuppy cakes never had a chance.


  1. Such a cute post! I have to tell ya, one of my bestest guy friends goes to Retro on a weekly basis. He has brought me their cupcakes before and they are DELICIOUS. I have yet to make it in to their bakery but I intend to soon! I love the photos of all of the yumminess!

  2. @Angi - They are sooooo good! I highly recommend them!